We are a company born in Miami. United States, in the year 2011.

Our objective is to provide a specialized service, giving the support for the good management, maintenance and improvement of its fleet, both machinery, equipment and industrial tools.


Industrial Equipment Bischoff Siefken, Inc., has a business commitment, through the service, based on satisfying the expectations of our customers through quality and compliance, always providing specialized advice in the procurement of: machinery, spare parts and tools, Good sustainability of their assets and culmination of their projects. We are oriented in the construction, agricultural, industrial, Airports and commercial sector, with the support of the big brands, for the benefit of their social and economic environment.


Industrial equipment Bischoff Siefken, Inc., aims to meet the needs of companies and individuals, in the next three years to be recognized in ​​Florida USA, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, for a common good, toasting, toasting an excellent support with the backing of great brands, Involving the talent and the passion of the people.


Mr. Guillermo Federico Bischoff Ujueta, I believe industrial equipment, after leaving with vast experience as Caterpillar dealer at Kelly tractor and other recognized brands in the industrial sector.

He oversaw the development of marketing in the areas of airport, cargo companies and sea ports. Companies like Lan Chile, Cargo force, Centurion, Avianca / Tampa Cargo, Worldwide, Cargo Services, DHL, UPS, Federal Express, Interport Logistics, Pomtoc, Florida Stevedore, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise.

Aditionally, different brands both in internal combustion as in electric and manual.

Logistics fleet development of freight companies with more than 50 equipment of each company, development of sales, rent and service. Motivating the international market for the purchase of its spare parts, parts and industrial equipment.